Carmelo Anthony has been having a hard time convincing teams that he still belongs in the NBA. Anthony was a prolific scorer in his prime and even though he can't put up those same numbers, there are certainly teams out there who could use him on their bench. Regardless, Anthony is without a team and is still trying to find a new NBA home. There have been plenty of rumors floating around as to why he's not in the league although for now, they're just hearsay. His peers believe he deserves a second shot but somehow, that hasn't been good enough.

During a recent interview with TMZ, former Lakers player Nick Young gave his take on what's been holding Melo back. As far as he's concerned, Carmelo has been turned into a meme on Instagram whenever he posts himself working out and it's led to other teams holding a negative view of him.

"I think it got a lot to do with Instagram," Young said. "How he's being treated. Every time he shoots the ball its a meme. It's kinda funny, but it kinda messed him up."

Young's theory is an interesting one that we haven't exactly heard before. While there have definitely been a few negative portrayals of Carmelo, his social media presence has been fairly run of the mill. It's doubtful that would be the only thing keeping him out of the league.