Following Nate Robinson's loss to Jake Paul on Saturday, the NBA star was subjected to a bunch of memes that painted him in a negative light. The response to the loss shouldn't have come as much of a surprise when you consider just how savage the internet can be at times. So far, Robinson has been taking all of the jokes in stride and he noted that he will continue to take his L and move forward as necessary.

Recently, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas came out in support of Robinson as he took to Instagram with a lengthy post that offered some encouraging words. Arenas urged Robinson to come back strong and to never let anything get him down. While this is a nice sentiment to share, Nick Young seemed to think it was funny as he took to Arenas' comments with a brutal rebuttal, reference a time in which Gil had a run-in with LeBron James. 

"Gil after bron tap yo chest and made you miss them 2 free throws we been waiting for you to bounce back lol," Young wrote in the replies. His comment was immediately well-received by basketball fans as they couldn't help but spam some laughing emojis at Arenas' expense.

Young has had his own problems with being trolled. For instance, a man called him D'Angelo Russell during a trip to the supermarket last week. Needless to say, players around the NBA have been having a lot of fun these past few weeks.