Nick Young hasn't been in the NBA for a while now and instead of just sitting on the couch loafing, he has been taking his talents to rec league basketball. Recreational leagues are a great way to stay in shape while simply having fun and playing with some of your friends. This past weekend, Young was playing in a rec league championship game and according to TMZ, his team was doing quite well. Unfortunately, all hell eventually broke loose and Young was at the center of it all.

As you can see in the video below, Young gets into a disagreement over a foul call and eventually has to be restrained by his teammates. Due to his behavior, Young had to forfeit the game, leaving his teammates to pick up the pieces.

In the end, his team decided the game was no longer worth it and left the gym entirely. The team ended up losing by default and their opponents were crowned as champions. Considering this is a rec league title, there isn't very much on the line although you have to admit, this is pretty extra behavior. Young seems to take all of his competitive endeavors seriously but on this occasion, he let his temper get the best of him.

We're sure the opposing team didn't mind defeating a team with an NBA player on it, even if it was a bit of cheap victory.