A certain basketball star has a bone to pick with Uber. Just yesterday (July 13), Nick Young took to Twitter to issue a complaint against the popular rideshare service. Uber may be the leading name in taxi-style rides, but they're far too familiar with cases where customers have stated they've been victims of certain drivers' racial biases. 

Nick Young, Uber
Rachel Murray / Stringer / Getty Images

According to Nick, the color of his skin may have been the reason a woman didn't want to give him a ride in her car, even though she pulled up right in front of him. "Hey @Uber yesterday a Non-Blk lady cancel on me in my face she pull up I ask her are you here for nick she said yes I turn around to pick up my bag and she drove off & I got charged with a cancellation fee when she’s the one who cancel," Swaggy P tweeted.

Just as Nick Young shared his brief story publicly, Uber responded on the social media platform, as well. "We're sorry to hear about this experience. Please send us a DM with the phone number associated with your Uber account, so we can assist you further." Uber has been fraught with racially-driven controversies, including facing accusations that they inflate their prices in communities with larger populations of Black and Brown people.