Swaggy P hasn't forgotten the rocky road leading to this very point. Nick Young can now lay claim to his very own NBA Championship ring, after playing a bit part in the Golden State Warriors' spirited playoff run. Countless times, the opposition left Nicki Young open on the perimeter, that miscalculation proved costly more times than not. Of course, Nick Young's contribution to the Warriors' dynasty might go unreported when all is said and done. The shooting guard, like his counterpart JR Smith, and perhaps his own teammate Javale McGee, has the unenviable reputation of making bone headed decisions on the court. It's almost tantalizing to see players with such talent squandered by low IQ.

I will however credit Nick Young for coming this far. Swaggy P has been an endless source of entertainment between the whistles. His effortless charm is something that reporters generally gravitate towards. Even on a team such as the Golden State Warriors where at times he barely got any PT, the media still swarmed in his direction for a nice quotable, every step of the way.

Nick Young summed it up best when he described his NBA journey with the following following tag line: "I been a long way, haven't I? I went from getting snitched on to about to put a ring on." For those in the dark, Young is referencing former teammate D'Angelo Russell squealing on his road trip infidelities, leading to his breakup with rapper Iggy Azalea.