She's back! After months of speculation online, it looks like Nicki Minaj will be making her long-awaited return to the rap game on Friday. She started off the week by stripping nude on Instagram and using strategically-placed pillows to protect her modesty. The Chanel-loving rapper was only wearing a pair of pink Crocs in the shots, telling her fans to stay tuned for "F R I D A Y." 

The Queen likely wouldn't be posting this if she didn't have major plans for the week. People are expecting a new single or album, despite what Joe Budden had to say last week about the potential of Nicki dropping. After her song "LLC" started trending for days on social media and the charts, it became clear that the world was hungry for more new music from the New York-based superstar.

Shortly after she made her announcement, several different Nicki-related trends popped up on Twitter. "NICKI IS COMING" started trending almost instantly with fans excitedly reacting. "Nicki" is also trending by itself, along with a few other terms that are being used frequently.

With her return looking imminent, fans also noticed that Rihanna recently followed Nicki Minaj on Instagram, reaching and suggesting that they could have a collaboration up their sleeves. Of course, that's simply speculative for now.

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