After being accused of harassment in a lawsuit by her husband’s alleged sexual assault victim, Jennifer Hough, Nicki Minaj has a message of her own. The mother of one has made it clear that she believes Hough’s claims are fabricated, and that “there are holes in her story” that the rapper and her team “believe totally discredit her.”

TMZ reports that Minaj’s attorney filed legal documents responding to the reported victim’s lawsuit from August, in which she made claims that the Trinidadian star, her beau, Kenneth Petty, and “a gaggle of lawyers” were on her case, “trying to get her to recant her attempted rape claim against [Petty],” which was made in the ‘90s.

The “Moment 4 Life” singer’s legal team believes Hough’s claims to be false, “going so far as to ask the court to sanction her for what they say are blatant falsehoods,” also adding that the woman’s motivation, in their opinion, is to “attempt to score a payday” from the recording artist.

Inconsistencies they’ve found within Hough’s account include her allegations that she had to change her phone number due to the alleged harassment from Minaj and co., along with the claim that “Nicki’s team had reached out to her brother with a $500k offer if she recanted in a written statement.”

It’s been reported that Hough texted Minaj after sharing that she apparently had to change her number, and lawyers feel this shows that she wasn’t trying to hide her phone number from the rapper. “Nicki’s team thinks it makes it clear that [Hough] wasn’t scared and is just looking for a payday.”

Attorneys also found inconsistencies between an interview that the alleged victim gave earlier this year and what she said in the court documents, mentioning that she seems to be “twisting the tale” so she can secure her bag.

Whose side are you on in the ongoing Nicki Minaj vs. Jennifer Hough legal battle?