It could be assumed that everyone and their grandma knows about Cardi B and Nicki Minaj ever since the two started making headlines for their public rivalry. Jimmy Kimmel put this theory to the test by asking senior citizens whose side they're on.

Before introducing the segment, he poked fun at some of Cardi's latest "receipts." She had filmed a call history that showed Nicki's supposed phone number amongst other contacts, like "Pay Pay The Thot" and "Pardi." Jimmy muses, "Are these people or new Teletubbies?"

Then, the host explains his desire to ask "our wiser and elder individuals" about the rivalry. To fulfill this wish, he sent a crew to the farmer's market.

Most of the seniors were simply unaware of the situation and its parties. Some still enjoyed the new discovery like one man who performed a headstand to celebrate his love for the bops. Others hated the music. One man was resolute in his dislike: "I actually have nothing I would want to do with that."

One lady had some words of wisdom to share about the feud, which she deemed a "waste of energy, " reminding viewers that "life is meant to be enjoyed. I think we say in America, 'Get a life'"