Nicki Minaj has been all over the place during this year's edition of New York Fashion Week, making headlines for her insane episode of Queen Radio yesterday where she ripped into Cardi B, and for her fight with the artist at an exclusive event. On yesterday’s radio show, Nicki found a soundbite of the “Bodak Yellow” singer saying that nothing is off limits in a beef, even children, revealing her as a possible hypocrite. With their feud centering around how family should never be brought into a beef, this may have been the perfect opportunity for Nicki to step out with her mother, attending the Oscar de la Renta show with Momma Minaj.

Nicki held hands with her mother, Carol Maraj, as they posed for some quick photos and the resemblance is truly uncanny. You can tell that Nicki picks up a lot of her facial features from her mom and the "Chun-Li" singer even inspired her matriarch to rock a similar hairstyle. The two looked stunning in their gowns at the show and Nicki made sure to publish a few of the shots they took together.

Cardi B has been pretty silent since the Queen Radio tirade yesterday, choosing to remind everyone of her influence in an indirect fashion. This feud is likely nowhere near finished and we'll keep you posted throughout.