Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma have a well-documented beef with each other that has been going on for quite some time. Whether it's a verseseveral verses in different songs that feature Minaj or a direct shot from Ma during her recent appearance on Wild N' Out, it's clear that these two haven't yet buried the hatchet when it comes to their tiff. Sunday night, that trend continued, but this time during the telecast of one of the year's biggest award shows, the MTV Video Music Awards.

First, you had Remy Ma, who joined Terrence J to help him hype the Best New Artist category. The award in that category eventually went to Khalid, but before his name was announced, Ma snuck in a not-so-subtle jab at Minaj by saying "Nicki, what's good," right before the broadcast went into a commercial break. It was a comment that didn't go unnoticed by social media users, who were quick to throw some water on the blaze that Remy valiantly tries to keep burning. 

Next up was Nicki Minaj, who helped Katy Perry close out the night with a performance of their collaboration, "Swish Swish." Leaping off of the basketball-themed music video, the weird imagery was in even more abundance, culminating in Perry flying high above the stage and audience in order to come down squarely on the rim of a basketball hoop that she seemed really uncomfortable about her landing. Like, she legit seemed more than a little terrified. You also had Minaj dolled up like one hot referee, running through her verse like she's about to call a technical foul on Remy Ma herself. The song has been documented as having laced some of the lyrics with shade that may be directed towards her rival, so it seems fitting that this was the song that ended the show.

You can watch the "Swish Swish" performance below. Is the beef tired or still fresh? Let us know in the comments!