Right after Nicki Minaj told listeners on her Queen radio that she has a "new boy" she was spotted hanging out with racing driver Lewis Hamilton, making many believe that he was, in fact, her new boo. The duo partied until late hours of the night during New York Fashion Week and shared the same ride while hoping to different events around the city. 

The Shade Room recently shared a video that sees the two in Dubai exiting an elevator together, adding more fuel to the rumours. They aren't showing any kind of PDA but it's clear they are spending a lot of alone time together. 

“Becoming single was one of the things that made me feel strong and powerful,” Nicki previously stated about her single life. “The fact that I am a young woman who doesn’t need a man for money. I don’t need a man for a job. I’ve never had to f—k for beats. I’ve never had to f—k for a record deal. I don’t have those pressures. I get up when I want, shop when I want.”