Nicki Minaj came through with another episode of Queen Radio. Soulja Boy appeared as the show's special guest. Their conversation touched a few topics including how the public perceives shit talking spewed by music artists. She also took the time to troll her listeners with some pregnancy tea. It's artificial though, so sip carefully. 

The host opens up the chop up by asking Big Drako who he's smashing and how many times he be hitting it. His short answer was, "I'm married to the money." Then he caved and gave his girl Tiona a shout out. Oh, and he says they lay it down at least 4 times in a day. Listen to the full episode on Apple Music here.

After talking about whips, they venture into public discourse. According to Nicki, it's never the right time for a Black woman to speak her mind freely since the political correctness popo is always out to get them. When it comes to Soulja, however, the rapper is blessed with the ability to put forth his controversial ideas. The "Chun Li" rapper said he's a "likable guy"  and thanked him for speaking his truth.

During the episode, she premiered two new freestyles that are currently available for streaming and announced that she might drop two more tracks next week. Check out her Barbie Drip" remix featuring Gunna & Lil baby here and hear the emcee flip Drake and Meek Mill on "Barbie Going Bad."