There has been a lot of chatter about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's scuffle at New York Fashion Week. That matter was the central component for the most recent episode of Queen Radio, which generated plenty of quotable lines as spoken by the Queen herself. Nicki's radio show has been incredibly successful, using a template that focuses on the drama of the day. It only airs periodically, which makes sense because of the artist's busy lifestyle, but when it's on, you can guarantee that you'll hear about it. Minaj has been teasing the next episode for some time but now, we finally know when it will be airing.

Which topics will be brought up and who will win the always explosive "C*cksucka of the day" award? These are questions we're asking ourselves after Nicki announced that the next instalment of her Queen Radio show will air tomorrow (Friday) at 5 PM EST. Last time, a few special guests were in the building as Funk Flex lent his experience to the panel. 6ix9ine also called in, saying he was "better than Drake" in a move that Nicki's rant overshadowed. The rapper absolutely blew up on her rival Cardi B, saying she's built her career off "sympathy and payola" and claiming that she calls black women "roaches." 

Tomorrow's episode will likely be a little less drama-filled unless the "Barbie Dreams" singer has something special planned. Tune in at 5 PM EST tomorrow on Beats 1 Radio.