Carnival is in full swing around the world and, if you've ever been to the celebration, you know that family vibes are all over the place. It's basically a giant street party everywhere you go. People dress up and have the time of their lives for a couple of days before resuming their everyday lives. Nicki Minaj took a trip back home to Trinidad & Tobago this week to celebrate Carnival with the people closest to her, appearing on the Tribe Truck during a parade and turning up to Iwer's live performance. When the soca star got a little too close to the Queen though, her husband Kenneth Petty subtly pushed his arm away and fans have started bashing him for daring to do so. Minaj was forced to apologize to her fans.

Nicki Minaj husband Kenneth Petty
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Responding to a fan who advised her to possibly tell her man to loosen up, she apologized on his behalf and offered an explanation. "Oh gawd. Allyuh like shit eh? I go cuz all yuh real fkn stink yuh know? He don't understand anything about our culture. I apologize on his behalf," wrote the superstar rapper, bringing her top-notch Trini dialect to the forefront. "He's always in security mode. All love. Love my country to death. Love my ppl to death. Period."

When another commenter said that by next year, "honorary Trini" Kenneth Petty would be jumping up with Iwer instead of shoving him out of Minaj's way, the rapper added: "I should've told him it's a very comfortable family atmosphere. He's never been to a carnival in his life. Not even in Brooklyn babe."

Petty and Minaj are thereby forgiven. Watch the video that caused people to get a little uncomfortable below.