When Doja Cat told the world that she would show her boobs "hard" if her smash single "Say So" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, she likely didn't believe that she had a legitimate chance. After all, she had never had a #1 single before today. She was also neck-and-neck with Megan Thee Stallion in terms of chart position. Finally, it was revealed that Doja Cat and Nicki Minajinched out the competition, and now Minaj wants her collaborator to stay true on her promise.

Doja Cat has already taken to Instagram Live to admit that she was capping but, shortly after the stream ended, Nicki Minaj posted her congratulatory message to the rapper and asked about her statement.

DOja Cat Nicki Minaj
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"Can’t thank you guys enough for going so hard this past week to help us make history. I saw it all," said the Queen after earning her first-ever #1 entry on the chart. 

"Dear @dojacat, thanks for trusting me with your baby. Hope I lived up to your expectations. You’re so extremely talented & so deserving of this moment," she added. "What time r u showing ur boobs? Love, Nic."

This may not be something that Doja Cat is able to live down. However, if we know her, she'll find out how to deal with this in a creative manner. 

Congratulations to both ladies on going #1 for the first time!