The jury in the case surrounding Nicki Minaj's older brother where he is alleged of sexually abusing his step-daughter has yet to reach a verdict. 

Over the past few weeks, we've been posting updates of the trial that centres around Jelani Maraj allegedly raping his step-daughter who was just 10-years-old at the time, for the close to a year. 

After the little girl's brother took the stand to tell the courtroom of a time he walked in on the Jelani raping his sister, followed by the victim taking the stand detailing graphic, disturbing encounters with her step-dad, the courtroom is still undecided. 

“Based on what the judge said for us to do on the evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, I don’t think there was enough evidence there to convict him,” John Labau, a released juror told Page Six. John added how he didn't find her testimony very credible. 

“Everything just came out too rehearsed, not real and the fact that she didn’t show any emotion,” he said. “When she testified, she got really, really defensive. For me, that caused kind of some doubt."

The semen that was found on the victim's pyjamas, which was reported to be Jelani's, was followed up by prosecutors who said it had a 1 in 291 billion chance of belonging to someone else.

"It wasn’t 100 percent,” he explained. “They weren’t able to establish that it was his semen. Do I think something maybe happened? Probably. But not enough to convict him by what we’re told to convict on.”

John concluded his statements to the publication saying that despite the reports of the mother of the victim looking to gain a large sum of money from Nicki, he does not believe it to be true. He said other jurors wondered if Nicki would even show up to the court case, but didn't see why she need to be there to prove that Jelani was innocent.