Jelani Maraj was arrested in December 2015 after being accused of raping his step-daughter. His sister, Nicki Minaj, posted his $100,000 bail and continues to stand behind him.

In the latest hearing of the case, a 10-year-old boy testified that he knew something "wasn't right" when he walked in on Jelani raping his sister. The boy was eight-years-old at the time and his sister was eleven. 

According to The Sun, the young boy shared the disturbing details when he took the stand at the Nassau County Supreme Court in New York State.

"What happened was I was looking for [her]," he said. "My pencil broke and I didn't have any others." He detailed how his sister's pants were "around her ankles."

"I saw [Jelani's] underwear close to his knees," he testified. "I thought it wasn’t right. It looked weird to me so I ran upstairs."

The boy said Jelani later found him and slapped him in the face multiple of times. He threatened that if he mentioned anything to his mother, he would never see her again. Defence lawyer David Schwartz seemingly tried to make the allegations less intense by getting the boy to admit the lights were turned off when he walked into the room.

"You would agree that when the light is not on, the room is very dark?" David asked. "Yes," the boy answered.

More disturbing news came from Dr Aaron Miller who said the young girl's medical records suggest strongly that she was having sex. "I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that [the girl’s] medical exam can prove penetration," he said. 

Jelani's attorney has said multiple times that he believes this case is an attempt to extort Nicki of $25 million dollars. In the last trial held for the case, David claimed that the DNA of Jelani that was found on the young girl's underwear was placed there by her mother, Jacqueline Robinson, for the police to find.

“Why would [Jacqueline] lie and force her children to lie? I can give you 25 million reasons why,” David previously told the courtroom. “Jackie became obsessed with Nicki Minaj — getting her hands on her money." He added, "an evil Jackie targeted [Jelani]. Trying to get him to marry her, and then just four months after they were married, we have this.”