Nicki Minaj is one of the most personality-driven rappers in the world. She has created a brand that people can easily buy into. In fact, she has created several brands for people to buy into with all of the alter-egos she has introduced over the years. As for the woman behind the microphone, Onika Maraj has previously been candid about her sexuality, identifying shortly as a bisexual woman. The majority of her romantic relationships have been with men and now, she's married to Kenneth Petty.

In the remix to Doja Cat's hit record "Say So," Minaj clarifies her sexuality and claims that she no longer feels an attraction toward women.

Nicki Minaj
Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

"Tell Mike Jordan send me my Retros/Used to be bi, but now I'm just hetero," raps the New York presence in the highly-anticipated remix. The line is rubbing some people the wrong way but this is not the first time she has done an about-face regarding her sexuality.

As reported by Out, the rapper previously claimed that she only said she was bisexual in 2012 because she was looking for attention. 

One of the only artists who creates headline news off of her verses, Nicki Minaj was also questioned by fans about her scathing outro, where people assumed she was dissing Wendy Williams. She has denied that the talk-show host was the subject of her ire but you can read about that here.