For the last four months, fans have speculated as to what Nicki Minaj was doing as the rapper had been absent from social media since New Year's Eve. Making rare public appearances and not releasing any of her own music, some were worried about Nicki's wellbeing while most believe she was simply laying low to focus solely on her upcoming album. It appears as though the latter is correct as Nicki announced yesterday that she would be dropping two singles tomorrow. Rarely leaving the house since December of last year, Nicki looks to be back to her old life, sitting courtside at the Lakers game and enjoying the spotlight once again.

The Houston Rockets took home the W against the Los Angeles Lakers last night but fans of Nicki Minaj were more interested in spotting their beloved Barb in the flesh as she took in the game from her courtside seat. Previously only having been spotted three times this year, Minaj appears to no longer be holed up in her home or in the studio, taking time to enjoy the final games of the NBA season. Sporting a leather, studded outfit, the rapper turned heads during time-outs and commercial breaks.

Capturing the attention of many with her surprise announcements this week, the spotlight is fully on Nicki's next move and fans are waiting in anticipation for the arrival of her Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz singles coming tomorrow. Check out the photo of her at the game below and let us know if you're looking forward to hearing her new material.