The Forbes writer that criticized Nicki Minaj, and Tekashi 6ix9ine to a lesser extent has continued his tirade off-site. In an exchange online Bryan Rolli reminded fans why he chose to dismantle the NY heavyweight on his writing platform. He didn't mince his words as he let off: "I talked some smack on Nicki Minaj for Forbes, because what the heck would you do if you found out she's going on tour with a life-size skittle with face tattoos."

Before the Forbes contribution had a chance to relay his intentions, Nicki supporters crowded the Twitterverse in her defense, some of whom pointed out past hypocrisies levied by the website. Forbes, like any website in the news cycle, is responsible for all the content is publishes even when solicited from a freelancer. Some users described the write-up as part of a conspiracy to "take out Nicki Minaj."

What is most telling about Rolli's additional commentary is how it invalidates some of the more salient talking points in his articles, because after blindsiding Tekashi a 2nd time, he starts to lose his objectivity.

The separation of art and practitioner is hard cross to bear for some critics, but it begs asking: What is Forbes' vested interest in attacking Tekashi 6ix9ine?