It's safe to say that Nicki Minaj's hiatus is over. The rapper took time off to tend to her duties and a first-time mom, but earlier this week, she surfaced with new photos as she teased a big release. We now know that she was building up to the arrival of her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty hitting streaming services, and with the project comes a few new tracks. Prior to the release, Nicki hopped on Instagram Live to share the good news with her dedicated fans and even spent a few minutes chopping it up with Drake.

Soon, clips of the Live circulated online and Minaj faced accusations of using cocaine. The "Seeing Green" rapper returned to Livestream once again, this time addressing the gossip about alleged drug use.

Nicki Minaj, Drug Use, Cocaine, Instagram Live
Dominik Bindl / Stringer / Getty Images

"If I ever did coke at any time in my life, I woulda been rapping about it," said Nicki. "That's just never been my drug of choice. I do take Allegra every day and also I have to take Allegra now, sometimes twice a day. But if I was crying or if I was just blowing my nose, this is me. All day. Runny, sniffly, all the time."

"In fact, I've only ever seen coke in bricks," she added. Nicki also said that if she references cocaine in her lyrics, she's speaking about "weight" or "bricks." If fans want to know what drugs she does, the rapper told them to listen to her music. "By the way, I have a lot of friends or acquaintances in the industry that actually do coke. I don't judge them for it, but I've never tried it. Never wanted to. Never asked them to. Especially in the fashion world. That's so common and normal."

Nicki stated that in the past when people spread false information about her, she didn't feel it was necessary to respond or clarify statements. She claimed that someone started the rumor of alleged cocaine use years ago—some are assuming it's Joe Budden—but at the time she felt it was too ridiculous to address.

"I've never in my life, let me say it again, we can do a lie detector test, we can do a hair follicle test, my hair is long as f*ck, get the hair from my motherf*ckin' scalp all the way down to my p*ssy b*tch, 'cause that's where it reach."

Watch her video below.