Hours after releasing "Barbie Tingz," Nicki Minaj is offering her fans an exclusive vertical video for the single. The video which places Nicki in a series of intimate settings, is available on Spotify via the streaming service's RapCaviar playlist. 

The video casts Nicki through a third person lens, giving off the impression of a video diary or Instagram story. Nicki tumbles from room to room without hazarding the trip herself. The video although not the official release for the song, is in line with other studio performances recorded on location. Better to have something on queue than a long wait in the vestibule. The official video which features Nicki in an inflatable costume was teased earlier in the day.


The “Barbie Tingz” studio video is available exclusively through RapCaviar for Spotify users in U.S., UK, Sweden and Latin American markets. do check your eligibility. In all, Nicki can count this day as an overall success. It's hard to see where she could have benefited from more or less exposure. Fans are already comparing "Barbie Tingz" to her mixtape hit "Itty Bitty Piggy." The latter was a record that cemented her style as a battle emcee with a three-dimensional personality.

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