While some rappers pop tags, Nicki Minaj prefers to stop bags. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's fashion-week feud seems to be a fading memory, but the tension between the rappers has likely reached an all-time high. With rumors of forced hands, ultimatums, and removed verses a-flutter, the situation is messy to say the least.

In truth, one can't help but wish the ladies would heed the advice of Queen Latifah, settle their differences, and make some music together. Yet that doesn't seem to be a likely scenario, given Nicki's recent Twitter antics. While some may feel like Minaj is doing her best to "poke the bear," one has to admit the whole situation is riddled with comedic gold.

You may recall Cardi's heated rant vis-a-vis Nicki Minaj, which essentially accused the Queen rapper of "stopping her bag." Now, Minaj has flipped the script, seemingly coming to terms with her newfound status as a bag-stopper. With a new installment of "Queen Radio" dropping imminently, Minaj's Twitter feed has been riddled with bag-stopping memes, which she has retweeted without discrimination. Clearly, she seems to find the whole thing amusing, given her cavalier treatment of the accusations. 

Did Nicki stop your bag today?