It seems insane that it's already August but I guess we'll just have to deal with the facts. While the summer may almost be over, the good thing about this month is that there's plenty of albums to look forward to. This week is a big one in particular, with Mac Miller, YG, Travis Scott and others dropping August 3. Of course, Nicki Minaj's Queen was pushed back from earlier this year and, according to the artist, it may suffer another delay due to sample clearance issues. Asking her fans to help her decide whether she should keep the date and lose an important song or keep the record intact while pushing the date back a week, Minaj has not gotten a response from Tracy Chapman yet, who she sampled in the track. Fans are eager to hear some new Nicki and they don't want to wait an extra week so they've begun taking matters into their own hands.

Nicki shared a screenshot from one of her fans who slid into Chapman's DM's, telling her that the New York recording artist's life is in her hands. The supporter wrote, "She needs you to hit her up so she can clear a record she sampled you in so that it can officially go on the album." If she doesn't get the sample cleared, she faces either a lawsuit or she's losing one of her favorite cuts from the entire work.

The songstress has teased that it features one of the greatest rappers of all time and we're definitely intrigued by that so, Tracy, hit up your girl Nicki and get the details hammered out. Hopefully, Minaj keeps her August 10 date. If not, she faces yet another delay to the much-anticipated album.