The Twitter war between Nicki Minaj and what feels like many, many opponents rages on. 

Earlier today, in a since-deleted tweet, Minaj quoted a reporter from Trinidad and Tobago, saying "You are the one harassing my family???!!?!???! SPEAK UP B4 I BEGIN. I KNOW YOU SEE THIS!!!!!!" 

Minaj's tweets which come in response to a thread of statements from Sharlene D Rampersad (Twitter user @TriniReporter). Yesterday, Rampersad stitched together four tweets directed towards the "Super Bass" rapper and the alleged misinformation she shared when telling a story of her cousin's friend in Trinidad and Tobago whose testicles became swollen after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. 

"What @NICKIMINAJ either does not know or does not care about is Trinidad and Tobago is currently under a State of Emergency. Many business sectors are closed and have been for months on end. Vaccination is our way out," Rampersad tweeted before continuing on. "But 60 per cent of our population is unvaccinated. Vaccine hesitancy is high. People are dying and their livelihoods are suffering because of misinformation."

Rampersad added that if vaccination rates in Trinidad and Tobago increase in September, certain sectors of business can potentially re-open, but quickly re-directed the attention back to Minaj. 

"When you use your international platform to spread lies, you hurt us," Rampersad told Minaj. "We aren't some island fantasy you get to bring up if you're bored. 1,391 people have died from COVID-19 here. Leave us alone now." 

Minaj, who has found herself in the middle of one of the most bizarre COVID-19 related controversies since the beginning of the pandemic, took to Instagram to reveal that Rampersad has allegedly been contacting her in Trinidad and Tobago and probing them for both information and access to the rapper. Taking these messages as threats, Minaj returned to Twitter to address Rampersad, writing in since-deleted tweets, "I was done discussing this sh*t. Why are they contacting my family? Control. I kept my mouth shut when the Trinidadian health officials spoke on my name b/c I don't want to do this them. What I know & can say is weighing very heavy on me. #BallGate"

Nicki also tweeted that she is "chillin, creating music, being happy," and finished with, "Let it go," unfortunately, however, that final tweet has been deleted too.

Yesterday, after Dr. Fauci refuted Minaj's claims that the COVID-19 vaccine could cause impotence, Barbz in Atlanta took to the streets to protest in front of the CDC headquarters chanting, "Nicki Minaj told the truth to me! Fauci lied to me!"

How do you feel about the entire Nicki Minaj COVID controversy? Is there an end in sight? Let us know in the comments.