Nicki Minaj may be settling down for good sooner than later. The revelation that the Queen rapper has a new boyfriend almost broke the internet. The subsequent unearthing of his criminal record completed the task. Barbz around the nation were up in arms about Kenneth Petty, Minaj's new lover. Petty has spent time in prison for manslaughter, and was also hit with some questionable sex offenses. Those things matter not to Nicki though, because she's known Petty since she was a teenager back in Queens. Their relationship developed back then, and it bloomed this year. Minaj even responded to those who question her decision to date a man with a checkered past. 

TMZ has been digging into this relationship since it was discovered, and they have spoken to several sources close to Minaj. The latest nugget of info that they were able to dig up suggests that Minaj is ready to settle down. A source close to the rapper claims that she and Petty have already had the marriage and baby conversation. Honestly, this is no surprise. They've known each other for years, so talks of a future makes sense. Plenty of us have discussed the intentions for our love lives with our lovers at the time, but that doesn't mean it translates to action. The source did claim that Nicki is serious about settling down though, so only time will tell.