Has the King of Pop been dethroned? Well, if you consider the Hot 100 to be the key signifier of pop success, Michael Jackson's just lost the his spot to Nicki Minaj. His total of 50 songs on the chart (across his nearly four-decade-long career, I might add) has Nicki's "Anaconda," her 51st Hot 100 single, to thank for getting bested.

"Anaconda" debuted this week at number 19, and though it's just Nicki's 20th Hot 100 song as a "lead or co-lead" artist, the chart also counts entries as a featured artist, which accounts for her other 31 hits. MJ fans will be pleased to hear that he was a lead (or co-lead) artist on all 50 of his chart entries.

Nicki's now tied with Rod Stewart at 51 entries apiece, but they still have a long way to go before they match the "Glee" cast's record of 207. In terms of female rappers, she's at the top of the list, and is now tied with Eminem for seventh place among rappers.

Read her pertinent tweet on the news below.