New York Fashion Week brings all kinds of celebrities out to sit front row and drool at some the next season's upcoming looks and trends for them to feast their eyes on. We just posted on Cardi B's milestone moment of being seated next to Anna Wintour at Tom Ford's Spring/Summer collection debut but don't think Cardi will be seated next to Nicki Minaj anytime soon.  

The trio of Nicki, Cardi and Kendall Jenner are all in New York for the fashion event and it seems as though they will be keeping their distance from each other amid some recent drama. First, there was Nicki Minaj going after Kylie Jenner for promoting Travis Scott's tour and although she later said she loves Kylie, Kendall's got that strong sibling love that has no mercy. 

Then there were allegations of Cardi B dissing Nicki on her song snippet at a VMA After Party where she rapped: "'I know how to do it / Get a bag, don't I / I know how to get a bitch mad."

On top of it all, Kendall and the modeling world had some drama when she said she's selective about runway shows, seemingly blasting other women in the industry. "I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the fuck those girls do." 

She responded to the backlash saying her words were taken out of context and she only has love and admiration for all the modeling women out there.