If Nicki Minaj was one of the lucky rappers to have gotten superpowers today, hers would without a doubt be the mind control she has over her loyal fanbase known as The Barbz. In their latest example of just how far they'll go for her, Nicki fans across all social platforms led a digital attack in her honor after she tweeted out the phone numbers of a group chat that somehow got her number and wouldn't stop texting her.

Nicki Minaj Barbz leaked Phone Number
Images: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Billboard

"Barbz, have no mercy," is all Minaj wrote in a since-deleted tweet (seen above) to all of her 21.6 million followers, which also included screengrabs from the group chat that was harassing her without censoring out their phone numbers. This led her undying legion of Barbz to exhibit some extremely immature behavior, some even bordering on insanity as they claimed Nicki as their "mother" and her newborn son as their "brother." Of course, those statements were more than likely said in a facetious manner, but nothing is funny about being physically threatened via text for the world to see.

The Queen emcee did try to delete the tweet as mentioned previously, but in the era of screenshots and the quickness of social media it was just too late to reverse the damage. One person in the group chat even tried to record a video in order to clear her name, but unfortunately the Barbz weren't having it and instead used it as an opportunity to roast the girl even more. Listen, we know Nicki's legal last name is "Mrs. Petty" now, but this seems to be just taking things too far. Then again, the ones on the original group chat, in the words of comedian Katt Williams, shouldn't have been talking shit!

Take a look at the girl's explanation behind the group chat that was harassing Nicki Minaj and a few of the wildest reactions from the Barbz themselves below. Let us know if you think this was too petty for Mrs. Petty or worthy of an attack: