Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne staged a Young Money reunion last night, uniting for the first time in years on "Seeing Green," a new track off the Beam Me Up Scotty re-release. Given that many fans still hold the movement in high regard, the unexpected collaboration was met with a jubilant response -- at least, once the streaming services came back to life, having crashed the moment Nicki and J. Cole's new music landed. 

Not only did "Seeing Green" bring a callback to a new era, but it also provided fans with the sort of track that has become all-too-uncommon in this era. Which is to say, a lengthy posse cut in which all three parties prioritize spitting bars above all else. And given the pedigree of lyricists involved, not to mention the healthy balance between camaraderie and competition, "Seeing Green" has already been seeing a wave of universal acclaim across social media -- and that's not even counting the Barbz, who will likely do their part in making sure Nicki's comeback single charts accordingly.

Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj Drake

Kevin Mazur/BBMA2017/Getty Images

Between an autotune-free Wayne declaring himself to be a "badonkadonk in bikini fiend," Nicki bringing back her beloved "these bitches is my sons," and Drake finding a creative way to equate a one-night-stand to leftover pizza, there's plenty of gems to unpack throughout "Seeing Green." Be sure to check out some of the early responses seen on social media, and we encourage you to share some of your own favorite bars in the comments below.

Did the new Nicki, Drake, and Weezy collab leave you feeling nostalgic for the Young Money Cash Money Billionaire era