Nicki Minaj has been fairly absent from the public eye this year. The rapper has rarely made any public appearances since New Year's Eve, keeping her social media posts to an absolute minimum. While Nicki has not been very active in 2018, she has continued to be on the minds of many as her fans await any news about her upcoming album. While this may not reveal anything about the project that she has been keeping a secret, her fans will be excited to see her making an unexpected, brief on-screen cameo. 

News from the rapper is becoming increasingly hard to come by. A quick appearance in a brand new Mercedes-Benz commercial is the most we've seen from Nicki in weeks, and her cameo is only seconds long. In the advertisement showcasing some of the technology Mercedes has been working on, a driver asks to play some hip-hop music, to which Nicki Minaj appears in the passenger seat, giving her a wink and bobbing her head along to the beat. After the driver pulls off a sharp turn, Nicki exclaims, "Yikes, you did that!" Mercedes-Benz has a current partnership with Tidal, which Minaj is a co-owner of, so the pairing was likely naturally pulled off.

Although we hope to hear some original music from the songstress soon, she may be waiting for Cardi B to drop her debut so as to not steal her shine. There's room for several female rappers at the top of the card and Nicki Minaj has held the crown for a minute. We don't see her going anywhere soon.