When many have taken to using the "Nicki Stopped My Bag" meme facetiously, French stylist Maher Jridi is experiencing the effect first hand. TMZ reports that Jridi worked as Nicki Minaj's stylist in 2017, where he provided the Queen rapper with several threads to wear for Paris Fashion Week. As it happens, the stylist ended up renting the clothing from an existing company, expecting Minaj to return the chosen items in a timely manner. Evidently, Minaj did not, though it's unclear whether the decision was a nefarious one or simply a momentary lapse in judgment. In any case, bags have been stopped, and Jridi is demanding justice.

Apparently, Jridi is being sued for $74 thousand dollars by the wardrobe company, who have decided to hold him responsible for the missing clothes. It would appear that he is holding Minaj personally responsible, and has taken legal action to ensure that she's good to cover the costs. Not only that, but he's also citing "emotional strain" caused by the endeavor, though it's not entirely clear whether or not he'll pursue additional charges.