Nicki Minaj had the entire internet extra thirsty yesterday when she dropped off the bootyfull single art for her upcoming record "Anaconda", due out on July 28th. The artwork was picked up by hip-hop sites, of course, but it was also picked up by a ton of non-hip-hop publications, like Huffington Post.

Asses are a dime a dozen if you know how to Google on the internet, but Nicki Minaj stirred things up more than the average bum could. She proceeded to take to Instagram last night to post photos of bare bottoms with the caption "Acceptable", before captioning her own bum on the "Anaconda" art as "UNACCEPTABLE." This could be referring to the loads of coverage the artwork received, and how the media deems smaller asses that are showing just as much skin as Nicki more "acceptable" than Nicki's own.

She later tweeted, "Putting out some more #thotShit tmrw for the fuq of it. LMFAOOOOO. Thots out here showin puss lips but u mad at da kid."

See some of her tweets below, and all the ass pics she deemed "acceptable" in the gallery above.