Nicki Minaj insists that she's only "pregnant with so many ideas for this album" after fans when crazy on an Instagram video showing her husband Kenneth Petty rubbing her stomach. Pregnancy rumours have been circulating about Nicki ever since she and Kenneth went public, and after they tied the knot last October, they've only increased. Last week, when Nicki indicated that she and Kenneth have "a lot to celebrate," some thought she might be referring to having a baby on the way. This assumption was only reinforced when Nicki posted a video of her and Kenneth on a plane to her home country of Trinidad, in which she makes sure to get a shot of Kenneth rubbing her stomach in the frame.

Nicki Minaj pregnancy pregnant rumours belly-rubbing video Kenneth Petty album ideas respond baby expectingJamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

The comment section of the post was flooded with fans asking once and for all if she was pregnant. It seemed inevitable, but Nicki has responded to various inquiring people that she is not, in fact, with child.

One user asked her straight up if she was pregnant or not, to which Nicki responded, "Why I feel like I'm about to get a beating? Y'all swear y'all my mother chile. I'm pregnant with so many ideas for this album. It'll be my best." When another fan asked why Kenneth keeps rubbing her stomach, she explained, "Babe u gotta ask him. He rubs my feet & my stomach. Ima tell him stop rubbing my stomach tho. Cuz chile..." Though these and other responses are likely Nicki's way of shutting down the pregnancy claims, it's worth noting that she did not, technically, deny being pregnant. Still, if Mrs. Minaj-Petty does not wish to disclose her pregnancy status just yet, that is totally up to her.