The Barbz know how to sleuth. The dedicated Nicki Minaj fan base keeps an eagle eye on the rapper's account, and any subtle change or move will be noticed. Case-in-point: today, Nicki unpinned her top tweet which was a promotion for her February record, "Yikes." This was the first hint.

Following this, Nicki has tweeted (!). The combination of the tweet - which appears to be the always-powerful sub-tweet disguised as lyrics - and the unpinning of "Yikes" has led the Barbz to believe that Nicki Minaj is poised for her musical return.

nicki minaj comeback the barbz

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Yikes" was Nicki's last proper release, save for her guest appearance on Doja Cat's now-number one single, "Say So." The Young Money rapper previously announced her retirement, but hasn't exactly followed through, teasing details of a new upcoming album in February. Thus, fans have been waiting anxiously for the new music to follow.

The Queen Barbz has been rather silent across the board though, although she did speak out in response to George Floyd, she has not been very active on any of her social platforms. Her partner, Kenneth Petty, has been dealing with struggles of his own when it comes to his sex offender charges.

Now that Nicki has tweeted out something, something that could be deemed as lyrical matter (Showed you how to get a bag now u goin shopping), the fans are certain that her comeback is imminent.

What do you think? And who is at the receiving end of Nicki's tweet?