Nicki Minaj could not care less about your think pieces on her husband, Kenneth Petty, and apparently, neither could he. The seasoned Femcee has been trudging through criticism against Kenneth ever since the two of them got together, and she's just about had enough of it. Many take issue with their relationship and are not afraid to voice their disapproval, but Nicki has never let the noise drown out her love for her man, even recently telling the persistent haters to "suck a d*ck."

nicki minaj Kenneth petty hate criticism husband couple defence unbothered married Carnival Trinidad Iwer George soca starJamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

This week, Nicki and Kenneth travelled to her home country of Trinidad for Carnival. Unfortunately, Kenneth (and Nicki, by association) was under fire after a video surfaced of him lightly pushing Carnival performer Iwer George's arm off of his wife. Amid the backlash, Iwer clarified that it was no big deal and that Kenneth just wasn't familiar with the closeness of Trini culture, and Nicki even apologized on her husband's behalf. Now, she's made a lengthier statement on Instagram to let everyone know that she and her husband remain unbothered by all the negative attention.

"Rappers would kill for this attention chile," Nicki wrote on a photo of herself and Kenneth posing at Carnival. "Lol at night when we go to bed I say 'babe u was all over the blogs today.' He be like 'oh word?' He rlly don’t have social media to see y’all write think pieces about him chile. AND AH LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE THISSSSSSS. JUS LIKE THIS ‼️‼️‼️‼️" It looks like Kenneth isn't even aware of all the criticism he and his wife receive, and the two of them are much happier this way.