Last night's BET Awards featured a few memorable performances by Nicki Minaj. Just when everybody thought she had finished her set, YG appeared on a different stage and began his new single "Big Bank." When 2 Chainz and Big Sean showed up to perform their respective sections, it was obvious that Onika was coming back for more, singing her third song of the night. We're sure Lil Uzi Vert was happy about the numerous Nicki appearances throughout the night as the performer he was most excited to see was the Queen herself. When he revealed that Nicki's performance was the one he was most looking forward to during a red carpet interview, it was made out to seem as though Uzi was shooting his shot at her. Responding to anybody making assumptions that she's cheating on "her man" Eminem with Uzi, Nicki took to Instagram to give her take.

Reposting a shortened version of the interview, Nicki defended Uzi while shading anybody who may have contributed to a dialogue that the "Money Longer" rapper was flirting with her. Minaj wrote, "He tryna shoot his shot cuz he wants to see another rapper’s performance @ an award show? 🤔 anyway ♥️ @liluzivert ♥️." As she's insisting, Uzi was literally just responding to the question of who he wanted to see perform so it's unclear how exactly this got blown out of proportion. 

While he's previously been affectionate towards Nicki on Instagram, seemingly nothing has materialized other than a solid friendship. The two have collaborated in the past musically and the "Chun-Li" hitmaker has asserted that he reminds her a lot of Lil Wayne. Looks like her "relationship" with Em is still intact!