Nicki Minaj is celebrating her birthday with sweetness. The female emcee uploaded a couple of throwback pictures of herself as a kid, a reflection of how far she has come. She also filmed a short clip to express gratitude to her fans.

The entertainer took time to thank her fans while sitting by the beach. She used a cute filter in her video message, chipmunk vocals included. Viewers can hear the waves crashing as she communicates her appreciation. " I wanna just say thank you. Thank you to everyone for the incredible birthday wishes. I love you so much. I love you back. I have given a lot of my life to music and this culture and I wouldn't trade a thing. I love you so much."

Her previous upload shows her kid wearing a side ponytail and rocking bands as she smiles. The cuteness is real.

Minaj has had an eventful year complete with the release of her Queen studio album and the drama that ensued. She dodged a lawsuit that dates back to 2011 as well as a show thrown by her rival. The artist continues to deliver to goods despite all of the obstacles that came her way. This is definitely worth celebrating.