The ladies love Post Malone. We might as well call him LL Cool M for this fact alone. The Texan rapper gave back to his female fans through a special video. Nicki Minaj made sure people got a glimpse of the love by posting it on her Instagram account.

The video begins with Post Malone passing a flat iron through his hair. From there, he starts off his script with the quintessential Youtuber greeting, “Hey, Guys.” Then he states the context of his appearance with an endearing sniffle, “Welcome to Post Malone’s Beauty Blog.”  He continues, “Today I’m gonna teach you guys how to get beautiful.” The homie seems legit serious about getting his message across as he wields the flat iron again and clasps his unbraided hair between its plates. He explains the need for the heated tool: “So you know I got really curly hair, so in order to get my bangs banging and I like to give them a little flat iron.”

How Nicki Minaj acquired this video remains unclear and there has yet to be a confirmation of a Post Malone Beauty Blog series. Keep your fingers crossed and send thoughts and prayers to those who laughed too hard at this clip.