Nicki Minaj is one proud mama - her Instagram feed is currently flooded with adorable videos of her 11 month old baby boy, who she’s nicknamed “Papa Bear.”

Over the weekend, the “Did It On ‘Em” rapper dropped a sequence of videos of her son. The first clip shows him hanging out in a high chair, bottle in hand while he gets his hair done.

“Thank you @lenajaye_,” Minaj captioned the clip. “Can mama see?” the 38-year-old asked her son in the next post.

“You gettin’ your hair done? Yeah! You bein’ a good boy? You mad at mama? Ok,” she continued as Papa Bear sucked his thumb.

In the final post, the baby can be seen sitting on the couch, in the arms of his father, Kenneth Petty. The two share a cute father-son moment as Minaj films them, soothing the infant with some baby talk.

The clips have each received millions of likes and kind words from the couple’s celebrity friends.

“The little squish. I looove it. I hope we get to meet him soon,” Cassie wrote on the video of Petty and Papa Bear.

“He soooo cuteeeeee,” Bia chimed in. “I love the braids.”

Minaj doesn’t often share photos of her child, but she’s been giving Instagram the occasional glimpse ahead of his first birthday on September 30th.

See the family footage of Petty, Papa Bear, and mama Minaj for yourself below.