It's pretty easy to spot Nicki Minaj out of a crowd. She commands the attention of the room wherever she goes. Usually, she's wearing an obnoxiously-colored wig or one of her famous latex suits. When she's wearing a color as bright as yellow, there's no chance that you'll miss her in the street. The rapper showed off her curves while in New Zealand, rocking an all-yellow get-up and looking extremely fierce in the process. 

After her performance in New Zealand, Nicki let her Australian fans know that she was on her way to go see them next. She did so in an eye-catching ensemble, matching a yellow satin robe with a BDSM-inspired yellow bodysuit and choker. She posted up for some photos so that she could revisit just how wild the outfit truly was, addressing her supporters and saying, "Everything I do, they do- yea I put’em up awn it, awn it."

Minaj got a little crazy on social media the other day, revealing to the Barbs that she's already picked out baby names with her boyfriend Kenneth Petty. She also told them just how often she's been having sex, averaging about three or four times on a nightly basis. At that rate, Nicki doesn't even need to go to the gym to keep her physique looking right.