No matter how many rappers like to say that they made it all by themselves, most of the time it isn't really true. Behind every great artist is a team of professionals who want to get the best out of the artist, and when it all clicks together it can work wonders. Nicki Minaj knows this well, and he's decided to give everybody credit for her latest achievement. 

"Chun-Li" the explosive single that kicked off a massive hype wave for her upcoming Queen album, has just been certified gold. As a celebration of the track's success, Nicki made a post on Instagram, thanking everybody who helped make it possible. 

"Chun-Li has been certified GOLD. Thank you to everyone for your support," Nicki wrote. "got on the mic & made this song up in 5 mins just having fun @ 4 in the morning. Then took about an hour to put words to the melody. Released it 2 days later."

Later on in the post she names all the members of her team individually, including her engineer, photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist, and pretty much everybody else who helped her with the creation and promotion of the song.

She also dropped another interesting tidbit of information in that the entire creative process of making the song, and possibly the entire album, has been captured on video in order to release as a documentary. 

""We captured it all on video. Thinking about putting that part of the documentary out early so you guys can get a real glimpse into my world," Nicki wrote. "Love you so much & can’t wait to share this album with all of you who’ve waited so patiently & been so supportive. 🎀🦄"