Nicki Minaj's brother, Jelani Maraj, trial for his child rape case started just last week. The allegations surfaced in 2015 and he's been maintaining his innocence throughout. It was recently reported that Nicki Minaj would stand trial in defense of her brother. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.

TMZ reports that Nicki Minaj will not take the stand in defense of her brother. Her brother's lawyer said that she was being extorted for $25 million by Maraj's then-wife, Jacqueline Robinson. Reports later surfaced from various sites that she'd be taking the stand to back up the claims that Robinson said, "I can make the charges go away for $25 million." However, those were later proven to be false.

TMZ's sources say that she won't be involving herself in the case which is currently taking place in Long Island. She reportedly never intended on taking the stand at any point. Her brother's legal team is telling the media that claims she was on the witness list were completely false. 

Despite the fact that she won't be standing trial, she's been supportive of her brother since the accusations surfaced, according to his lawyer.

This morning, it was reported that the victims brother, who's only 10-years-old, testified against him after allegedly walking in on Maraj raping his sister. While taking the stand, he said, "I saw [Jelani's] underwear close to his knees," he testified. "I thought it wasn’t right. It looked weird to me so I ran upstairs."

The victim's brother later said that Jelani found him and slapped him in the face several times. He also said that he wouldn't see his mother again if he dared say anything to her about it. However, David Schwartz, Maraj's defense lawyer, tried to make the claim a bit less severe by making him admit that the lights were off at the time that he walked in. 

Despite all of this, it still seems that the odds are against Maraj. A doctor claimed that he had records that suggest that the medical exams can prove penetration occurred.