Nicki Minaj has always been loud and proud about her come up, that started in Trinidad, and has continued to boast her home island that makes the rapper who she is today. The country that is located at the bottom of the Caribbean tail was badly hit with a massive flood causing many to lose everything, leaving people with nothing. "Some parts in Trinidad are ok but a large number of areas look like this and worse and people have lost everything they possess," Nicki wrote alongside a photo of a home with water almost reaching the top of the doorway. 

Nicki's lengthy post explains how "in the disaster, the blessing of togetherness stands so strong" as people who have nothing are doing everything they can to help their neighbor and those suffering more. Apparently, the country is under no serious weather watch and the flood is simply from three days of steady rain. 

"There are a lot of people from abroad asking about assisting but they haven’t seen any info on how to do so, so we will gather what info we can and put it in a next post," Nicki wrote. "Thanks for all the prayers and we journey through this time."