YG's latest single, "Big Bank," was already notable for the big lineup of stars with their names attached to it, but now it seems we'll have a second, or third, chance to be surprised by the track, as a music video is currently in the works. 

While it should be expected that a big song with this many artists on it might get the video treatment, Nicki Minaj, who features on the track, was kind enough to post some photos from the set of the music video shoot. 

The photos aren't really informative, just some group shots of the rappers hanging out together on set. In one picture we can see Nicki, YG, DJ Mustard, and Big Sean, posing in front of a car. The second picture is Nicki with 2 Chainz inside a trailer. Maybe 2 Chainz wasn't interested in hanging out outside with the others. 

The real standout of the photos is Nicki, who is sporting a pink leather corset, and a new hairstyle that features two pink-dyed top buns. This seems to be a common theme with a lot of Nicki's pictures, but its very striking to see her in their full outfits standing next to guys dressed very normally.

This won't be the first video that has come out for the song, as they already released a wacky, animated film to promote the track. They haven't given up on pushing this single, it seems, so look forward to the official music video for "Big Bank" being released once it's finished.