Prior to splitting earlier this year, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill were the "it" couple in hip hop and during their time together, Nicki would be an advocate for Meek in court during parole hearing with the court. A testimony of hers has surfaced that proves Meek Mill's battle with parole.

VIBE Magazine just published a transcipt of Nicki Minaj and Dr. Damone Jones, senior pastor at West Philly's Bibleway Baptist Church, both testified on behalf on Meek. Through a cross examination of both Meek's former attorney and the prosecuter, it shows that there was a lack of communication between the court and Meek Mill.

“Right now there’s no one that really tells him what he can do. I don’t even think he has an idea of, you know, what you would want to see him do or how we could all help in Philly,” Nicki told the court.

Jones also testified for Meek saying that he's been trying to turn his life by providing mentoring "neglected children" at Wordsworth Academy.

“One young lady comes to mind about being raped, and he was able to try to help give her some kind of encouragement counsel,” Jones said. He also recalled another child with family issues of neglect and abandonment that Meek tried to provide encouragement and guidance.

However, a major role that played in Meek's long standing issues with the law and his prison stint in 2014 was the travel condition that said he needed proper approval from going anywhere. One instance that was brought up in court was when Meek didn't end up flying to Miami for an obligation but instead, ended up staying with Nicki in NYC for Fashion Week 2015. The prosecutor brought that up citing that he wanted to stay with Nicki for longer in NYC when he didn't have the proper approval to do so. She said she knew he was supposed to travel to Miami but because his engineer wasn't able to travel, it would've ended up being a major financial loss for him with no actual reason to go. 

“He’s never purposely does anything or ever goes purposely against the rules or his violations,” Nicki said, “He would never want to be away from his son and lose freedom just for a show or to be around me. Absolutely not.”

Nicki later said to the court that there are many more ways to use Meek's status and celebrity to help the community as opposed to putting him back in jail. 

“I think there’s so many ways that he could be utilized in Philly outside of going to jail... I think that’s really not beneficial,” she said.

Check the transcripts below: