In light of recent production issues, Nicki Minaj is stopping at nothing to ensure that all remaining Nicki WRLD concerts go off without a hitch. TMZ contacted venues that will be hosting upcoming Nicki WRLD dates to see what measures Nicki has taken to prevent any further hiccups - a quiet majority responding favorably to the inquiry: "electricity" is atop their list of concerns leading into the big day(s).  

As of this writing, 10 concerts remain on Nicki Minaj's European itinerary. The four venues from which TMZ received the nod, are those situated in Birmingham (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Amsterdam (Holland), and Zurich (Switzerland).

The other 6 venues on the concert grid appear to be more reticent, because as it stands: at least a few of them will be relying on Nicki Minaj's technology and no their own. The Frankfurt (Germany) gig, in particular, runs the risk of repeating the same electricity issues that occurred in Bratislava and Bordeaux, for that reason alone - that and, the venue's in-house staff isn't exactly glowing in confidence heading into their March 22nd booking.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

TMZ is still awaiting word from the other 5 venues that haven't been accounted for thus far. Barbies in Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, are being asked to keep their fingers crossed in lieu of the potential risks involved.

Although the cancelations are no doubt a blemish on Nicki Minaj's record, it's become quite clear that all "tech issues" are incidentally a result of her overarching ambition to set new benchmarks. It seems as though Nicki Minaj would rather come up short than put on a subpar show, especially at the ticket prices she is currently demanding at the gate. I'll keep my fingers crossed, now you do the same.