John Mayer has been a artist that, over the years, has had some crossover success in the hip-hop world, working mostly behind the scenes on the instrumentals for various projects. He continued that trend recently, providing the chords for the Russ track "Wife You Up" and also collaborating in the studio with Chicago's first son, Chance the Rapper. However, as he revealed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, there's one interaction with a rap celeb in particular that managed to leave him speechless.

While in conversation with the well-known TV host, Mayer admitted that the now-infamous Nicki Minaj reply to his original tweet made him forget that he was famous for at least a second. While the two openly flirted in that one exchange, Mayer added that they haven't crossed paths in person since then. "I think that portal between two people who follow each other that could be crossed by either side should be respected," he explained. "Two follows does not a DM relationship make, is what I'm saying. I think we're both very responsible with the membrane that connects two people who follow each other on Twitter. Right now it's just puncturing it just to do it. If we need each other, we know we're there."

Whether or not that one exchange will ever lead to any additional sparks between the two, John Mayer was pushed outside of his celebrity persona upon reading what she sent back to him that day. "I forgot that I was a famous person and that I would find out very quickly whether or not she would like me," he conitnued. He felt Minaj's response was "really really kind" and, justly, she came out on top. "I was like, she wins," he added. "She wins that exchange. You know, she spiked the ball. It was great. You're supposed to spike the ball and I'm supposed to lose and you win, and for the most part, I thought it was cool."

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