The past few months have been pretty rough for Nicki Minaj. The stress of her album rollout culminated in disappointment and drama. Her first major appearance at the VMAs didn't get rave reviews either. Her hairstyle earned the artist some harsh criticism. It seems like Nicky is looking to avoid this type of situation by wiping out her glam team and hiring skilled replacements.

Her fans had been urging her to ditch the person who was responsible for her mullets and hire a stylist known as Arrogant Tae. She finally gave in.

 "Yall been askin me to hit Tae up 4 a long time. I guess y’all were on to something or whatever. "

Her fans were quite happy about her decision and celebrated with some pettiness.

The stylist, who is responsible for SZA's green "slime" look, shared the news with his following. The artist literally thanks god for the new opportunity.

"God is so good , god I thank you every single day cause u never let me down!!!!! I prayed n I prayed n I continue to pray for moments like this!! [...] If anybody knows me knows I always say “I WANNA SLAY NICKI, I WANNA BE NICKI HAIR STYLIST” n now look "