The days of Nicolas Cage acting as Superman are behind him even if he wished for the role many times before. The 54-year-old actor recently chatted with The Guardian about many things show business where he was told that there's currently an online campaign to make him the next Clark Kent. "Oh, I think my Superman days are long gone,” he told the publication, entertaining the idea of playing a villain. “Oh, that would be GREAT! I’d make a great Lex Luthor!”

But Nicolas did get to put on a Superman suit officially (just once) when he starred in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives, a documentary that that shows the behind the scenes happenings of the abandoned film directed by Tim and starring Nicolas as Superman. 

"I would offer that the movie that Tim and I would have made, in your imagination, is more powerful than any of the Superman movies,” he previously told Entertainment Weekly. “I didn’t even have to make the movie and we all know what that movie would have been in your imagination. That is the Superman. That is the movie. Even though you never saw it—it is the Superman."